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At The Home Tiles, we know the importance of customer service. We deliver a level of expertise and professionalism that other tiles companies simply can’t match.

About Us

We provide product of the highest quality and deliver them in a timely manner, with a “personal touch” that is characterized by the attentiveness of a local Miami company.

Our Specials

Low Price Guarantee… enjoys unparalleled buying power in the marketplace. This is how we’re able to offer you the very best values and products in the tiles business.

Why Choose Tiles for your Home?

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are versatile, durable and stylish. You can choose from hundreds of colors and styles to make any room look its best. From wood-look to polish to contemporary to the timeless look of stone, The Home Tiles has the perfect tile for every look in any place. You’ll find sizes ranging from traditional 12×12 to large format and rectangular tile. Check out our bathroom tiles selection that looks so good that you may want to remodel the entire home after…

Need Installation Materials? If you are installing your self or have some professional installer, we’ve got the materials that you need to finish any project. From moldings to underlayment to glue, grout, setting materials and sealer, we have what you need for your projects.
At The Home Tiles, we can help you choose the right material and design for the style you’d like to create in your newly designed bathroom, kitchen, foyer, deck/patio, or wherever you would like tile indoors or out.

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